meow meow

The year is 3090 in the MOCHAVERSE and COFFEE is power! The Rumbling Rotties have their jaws firmly locked on the coffee supply, giving them complete control... but hold your paws, these #sneakyPU$$ have a plan.

1,888 caffeine-addicted GENESIS CATS travel back to the '90s to set up the Secret Cat Cafe (SCC) to start brewing up some seriously good coffee that will change the balance of power forever! But they have to work fast because the Rumbling Rotties are coming...


bring on the


The MOCHAVERSE has 1,888 unique Genesis Cats that all come with exclusive Secret Cat Cafe membership privileges.

Our Cats have cafe & candy-inspired traits, chill personalities and a huge stylistic nod to the greatest decade of all time - the '90s! A time before the interweb thingee, social media and duck selfies took over. Where music, fashion and overall vibes were just PURRFECT.

Rarity Tiers

With over 200 traits, each Genesis PU$$ comes with its own unique tier, rarity and personality.


Aristocratic coffee-loving cats addicted to coffee bean smell.

Artistic and creative - loves a good latte art.

Warrior guardians tasked with protecting the Mochaverse.

Faction Leaders, shamans and spirituals.

Legends of the Mochaverse.


Most NFT roadmaps are inflexible, fud driven and detract from the most important thing about a project - COMMUNITY! We are all about co-creation, surprise and delight, underpromising and over-delivering.

Expect good vibes, chill cafe chat and a lot of '90s based nostalgia. Launching with a limited initial Genesis range, we're building a community you’ll want to be a part of.

The Rotties are COMING! This isn't a roadmap promise, the Mochaverse has been compromised and Floofy faced Rotties are on the want to be holding your paws (and a Genesis cat) for this one!

Foster a hub of creativity, positivity and community that thrives and allows members future benefits by way of collaborations, drops, merch and more.

meet our team


Boss Cat (or was that bossiest cat?).  Founded one of Australasia's most innovative digital agencies, working with some of the world’s most iconic brands and influencers including Grammy Award winning artists, luxury hotels and iconic airlines. He loves donuts, really loves donuts. - Fave '90s act: TLC. 

"NFTs are all about delivering to your community, they are essentially our lifeblood and stakeholders, the space moves so quickly so you have to work at breakneck speeds... So I’m about to break a... No scratch that, WAGMI" 


Creative Cat. Social media guru (growing his clients’ accounts to well over 500,000 followers on Instagram in a short period) @therealwonnie is all about audience, acquisition and ART. A regular restaurant whisperer, his skill set includes increasing sales, KPI’s and adding a creative spin to his clients offerings. - Fave '90s act (Umm… I was just born in the '90s). 

"I love showing our clients the power of social media and what it can do for their business. NFTs for me are synonymous with socials, discords are the heart of a revolutionary approach to communities, bring on the MOCHAVERSE." 


Marketing and Ops Cat, working as the head of commercial partnerships and loyalty for what's been voted the world’s best airline 5 years consecutively. His marketing prowess and commercial savvy now sees him overseeing one of the southern hemispheres largest tertiary institutes with over 80 locations. He takes the party wherever he goes but also Doritos - Fave '90s act: Boys 2 Men.

"I've worked with sports teams, airlines and education, it blows my mind what NFTs can potentially achieve in the future, I’m all about delivery and delighting our community MEOW MEOW."


Development Cat loves everything to do with web3, digital art and drip coffee. With extensive experience in web3, he has helped launch a number of successful global projects. When he’s not working his dev magic he can be found in the kitchen baking up a storm, his croissants are scary good. - Fave '90s act: Spice Girls “Spice up your life".

"I love the world of NFT. I’m all about creating seamless digital experiences for communities that connect amazing people from all around the world."


What is the MOCHAVERSE?

The Mochaverse is a collection of 1,888 cafe inspired Genesis cats partying on the Ethereum blockchain.

How much will it cost to mint?

Cats cost 0.08 ETH + GAS

When will minting be available?

Launch coming soon in 2022.

How many can we mint per wallet?

2 per wallet

For enquiries send a MEOW our way
What is the Secret Cat Cafe?

1,888 Genesis Cats travel back to the '90s to set-up the Secret Cat Cafe with the one purpose of blending the ultimate secret brew that will give the cats their power back!

Why Rotties though…what happened?

Coffee is both currency and super fuel in the Mochaverse…a universe where cats ruled the scene up until the year 3080. Then the nefarious, floofy-faced Rottie called ‘Kos the Poppet’ literally stole the secret coffee blend from the master barista MEOWthew and claimed it as his own…giving the coffee and power to the Rumbling Rotties.